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About Cindi

I would like to share with you my passion for cooking.

I have been in the food service industry since 1972.  I discovered that I had a natural talent for creating beautiful, healthy meals and I loved it! I love the creativity, the focus and the joy in sharing all this with others.

I continued to work in restaurants and cafés for many years learning my craft. Every restaurant took me to the next level of expertise.


Three restaurants on Maui have carried my signature dishes: Circle of the Sun Cafe, The Courtyard Deli and East West Sushi Bar.  

Cindi’s Wholistic Catering Service was born October 1988 in Maui Hawaii, specializing in catering for Workshops, Retreats, Camps and Festivals all over the country. 


Offering a loving conscience intention in all aspects of meal service, combining 30 years of cooking and personal growth to give you a catering experience that supports and nourishes your clients every day, every meal.

Ingredients are locally sourced, organic, and seasonal.


Special diets are always included - Meat, fish and chicken. Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten free, Dairy free and Soy free.


Service includes:

  • Specialized menu planning 

  • Shopping

  • Food preparations

  • Buffet service

  • Clean up


I have excellent management skills as well. Organized, efficient, friendly and fun!

I can run a large crew of folks in a large kitchen very well. This is my strong suit.

I manage the Bhaktifest kitchen every year – 350 meals a day for 5 days. I was Kitchen manager at the Maui Sufi camp for thirteen years – 150 people, 8 days, remote location, twice a year. I was the catering Chef for Baba Ram Dass for 3 years – 90 people, 4 days, 3 times a year. Plus many more special clients over the years. Deepok Chopra, Byron Katie, Michael Beckwith, Jai Utall and Daniel Paul...

Please let me serve; Let me do what I love to do most for your next workshop or retreat!

All my Love and Devotion,

~ Chef Cindi Nand


Feeding the world with her Love.


Event menu summaries:

From Happy Clients


Sandy Gilo - Owner of Mana Lea Gardens Retreat Center

“The food was served with as much love as nourishment and balance - and I loved every single bit of it! Thank you. I'm leaving with a more pure body and a better soul!”


Diana Devener - Owner of Dancing with the Goddess Retreats

“My seminars are small and intimate. Cindi Nand gives my participants and me the kind of personalized attention that I need. She is always conscious of our seminar activities and is careful not to disturb our intimate process. Cindi's energy nourishes us not only through her food but through her heart.”


Rick Smith - Owner/Director of Akahi Farms

“I have worked with Cindi Nand for over ten years. She has provided my guests with the finest foods on the island. She has catered to the many different needs of our retreat leaders and their participants. I feel that it is because Cindi is so perceptive when it comes to identifying what other people need that makes her so unique.”

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